Unified Canvas Keyboard Shortcuts

Modified on Thu, 04 Jan 2024 at 07:40 AM

Similar to the rest of the application, the Unified Canvas has many keyboard shortcuts that greatly increase the efficiency of creating with it.



Select the canvas brush

Select the canvas eraserE

Decrease the size of the canvas brush/eraser

Increase the size of the canvas brush/eraser]
Decrease the opacity of the canvas brushShift + [

Increase the opacity of the canvas brush

Shift + ]

Move canvas


Fill the bounding box with brush color

Shift + F

Erase the bounding box area

Delete / Backspace

Selects the canvas color picker

Toggle Snap to GridN

Temporarily toggles Move mode

Hold Space

Toggle mask / base layer selection


Clear the mask

Shift + C
Toggle Mask Visibility


Toggle Bounding Box visibility

Shift + H
Merge all visible layers of canvasShift + M
Save current canvas to galleryShift + S
Copy current canvas to clipboardCtrl + C
Download current canvas imageShift + D
Undo a brush strokeCtrl + Z
Redo a brush strokeCtrl + Shift + Z or Ctrl + Y
Reset Canvas ViewR
View Previous Staging Area ImageArrow Left
View Next Staging Area ImageArrow Right
Accept Current Staging Area ImageEnter

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