How can I get larger images? What does Upscaling do?

Modified on Tue, 9 Apr at 9:57 AM

Upscaling Existing Images

When you generate images in Invoke, the resolution is limited because models aren’t designed to generate quality 

images at larger scales (and it also would eat up a lot of your generation time!)  

However, we’ve incorporated features that allow for you to easily upscale your images to a larger size. When viewing an image, click on the below Icon in order to access the Upscaling menu.

You can choose to upscale at 2x or 4x the current size (larger sizes will take longer.) 

You will often find that the upscaled image can be enhanced further by using the Unified Canvas to improve the details of the larger image.

High Resolution Fix

High Resolution Fix is technique used to generate images larger than the models are designed to. 

When generating with SD1.5 models at a resolution of 1024x1024, duplications of subjects often occur in the image. High Resolution Fix allows you to generate images at this resolution and larger, generating images with the expected composition. 

Invoke offers two methods to upscale images when using High Resolution Fix. 

  • RealESRGAN is an AI upscaling method that aims to preserve details when upscaling. This is the default method when using High Resolution Fix. 
  • Bilinear or bilinear interpolation is useful for resizing images, but can cause undesirable softening of details. 

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