What is a Seed? How do I use it to recreate the same image?

Modified on Mon, 22 May 2023 at 03:51 PM

The seed is a random number that will influence the image produced by the model - if you use the same seed again with the same prompt and generation settings, you'll get the same image output.

Imagine you're about to play a video game and at the start, the game asks you to input a secret code, which will then determine the entire game world. The mountains, forests, rivers, and cities - everything - is decided by this code. This is somewhat similar to the concept of a "seed" in image generation.

In technical terms, a seed is a specific type of initial input given to a machine learning model, which then determines the generated noise that will be used by the AI for image generation. That noise, when processed by the machine learning model, shapes and guides the composition of the image.

You can control the Seed by turning on the "Seed" command on your Generation Panel.

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