Using the Image Prompt Adapter (IP-Adapter)

Modified on Thu, 9 May at 9:30 AM

The Image Prompt Adapter (IP-Adapter) is a feature that allows you to inspire a new image with the content of an image. You can both global and regional IP Adapters as layers on the Control Layers tab.

While the Image to Image process uses the color and structure to guide the denoising process with your text prompt, the Image Prompt Adapter uses the concepts that the AI can detect in your imagery to inspire new content. This can be a great way to control the diffusion process when you don't know how to articulate or put a visual concept into words - You can let the system do that for you.

A Weight of 1 will strongly enforce the concepts of your Image Prompt - It's typically advised to reduce the weight to between .3-.6 if you are attempting to use a Text Prompt alongside your Image Prompt. Image Prompts will also inherit a large number of the model characteristics - If you are using an Art model like Invoke's Fantasy & Art model, you'll find outputs to be more artistic in nature. 

Image Prompt

Text Prompt

a deer in a glade

Image Weight .25
Image Weight .5
Image Weight .75
Image Weight 1

Took see the Image Prompt Adapter in action, take a look at the video below (starting at 9:10):

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