Style Prompt Book

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Modernminimalistic, clean lines, monochrome, sleek, open-concept, airy, neutral tones, modular, asymmetrical, unadorned
Classicornate, symmetry, pastel colors, luxurious, historical, timeless, craftsmanship, opulent, meticulous, grandiose
Bohemianeclectic, vibrant, layered, carefree, artistic, worldly, boho-chic, patterned, colorful, free-spirited
Gothicdark, ornate, mystical, moody, dramatic, brooding, architectural, stone, medieval, elaborate
Rusticnatural, aged, organic, earthy, worn, textured, reclaimed, wooden, unpolished, handcrafted
Vintageretro, aged, nostalgia, antique, weathered, timeless, heirloom, patina, distressed, sepia-toned
Retropop colors, funky patterns, nostalgic, bold, kitschy, playful, whimsical, quirky, offbeat, informal
Contemporarycurrent, minimal, open-concept, cutting-edge, innovative, trending, clean, streamlined, geometric, light-filled
Scandinaviansimple, functional, cozy, hygge, light woods, airy, uncluttered, clean, muted colors, minimalistic
Art Decoornate, geometric, bold, angular, lavish, opulent, stylized, symmetry, metallic, streamlined
Art Nouveaufloral, curved, ornate, flowing, intricate, sinuous, decorative, organic, asymmetrical, detailed
Countryrural, homey, vintage, comfortable, quilted, provincial, pastoral, shabby, unrefined, welcoming
Industrialraw, metallic, unfinished, rugged, utilitarian, mechanical, sparse, exposed, austere, cold
Eclecticdiverse, bold, unique, avant-garde, unconventional, curated, unexpected, mixed-media, daring, whimsical
Romanticsoft, ornate, feminine, rosy, plush, delicate, sentimental, refined, sensual, intimate
Surrealabstract, dreamy, bizarre, ethereal, otherworldly, fantastical, hallucinatory, illogical, distorted, unreal
Futuristicsleek, technological, abstract, metallic, neon, digital, cutting-edge, space-age, minimal, streamlined
Minimalistless-is-more, clean, uncluttered, monochrome, pared-back, functional, balanced, refined, subtle, calming
Maximalistmore-is-more, ornate, cluttered, colorful, flamboyant, extravagant, bold, layered, eclectic, textured
Glamluxurious, bold, opulent, glitzy, glamorous, shiny, extravagant, plush, ritzy, high-end
Zensimple, natural, balanced, tranquil, harmonious, minimalist, uncluttered, calming, peaceful, meditative
Tropicalbright, leafy, vibrant, exotic, laid-back, sunny, beachy, island vibe, floral, relaxed
Shabby Chicdistressed, vintage, feminine, romantic, soft, pastel, antique, casual, charming, delicate
Chiaroscurohigh-contrast, dramatic, moody, textured, shadowy, expressive, deep, painterly, evocative, timeless
Pop Artvibrant, bold, mass-culture, irreverent, parodic, flashy, energetic, cartoonish, consumerist, sensational
Surrealistdream-like, illogical, bizarre, uncanny, irrational, symbolic, imaginative, unpredictable, absurd, unconventional
Baroquegrand, ornate, emotional, dramatic, intricate, luxurious, gold, sculptural, monumental, detailed
Rococoornate, pastel, elegant, romantic, intricate, playful, curvy, delicate, flamboyant, light-hearted
Victorianluxurious, ornate, dark colors, detailed, heavy, drapery, floral, romantic, intricate, antique
Steampunkretro-futuristic, industrial, Victorian, mechanical, fantastical, aged, textured, metallic, imaginative, cogs
Expressionistemotional, distorted, intense, exaggerated, bold, abstract, dynamic, dramatic, vibrant, energetic
Cubistgeometric, fragmented, abstract, multi-perspective, distorted, flat, angular, deconstructed, bold, simplified
Fauvistvibrant, emotional, bold, non-representational, exaggerated, abstract, painterly, impulsive, colorful, expressive
Abstractnon-representational, shape, form, color, texture, line, conceptual, complex, interpretive, free-form, symbolic
Impressionistlight, color, texture, open composition, ordinary, brushwork, atmospheric, natural, fleeting, subjective
Psychedelicvibrant, surreal, distorted, hallucinatory, bold, kaleidoscopic, abstract, intricate, flowing, immersive
Mid-Century Modernfunctional, organic, simple, clean, retro, minimalist, geometric, wood, sleek, earthy
Postmoderneclectic, ironic, playful, complex, deconstructed, multi-layered, paradoxical, fragmented, pluralistic, intertextual
Coastalairy, light, relaxed, beachy, natural, oceanic, driftwood, nautical, calming, breezy
Mediterraneanwarm, earthy, rustic, textured, vibrant, coastal, natural, handcrafted, terra-cotta, old-world
Farmhouserustic, comfortable, homey, wood, natural, distressed, practical, vintage, reclaimed, antique
Southwesternearth tones, patterns, rustic, Native American, desert, organic, textured, terracotta, rugged, natural
Japaneseminimalist, natural, functional, serene, clean, simple, balanced, organic, Zen, tranquil
Bauhausfunctional, geometric, minimalist, modern, balanced, unadorned, utilitarian, clean, straightforward, mass-produced
Neoclassicalgrand, elegant, symmetrical, restrained, balanced, formal, timeless, Greco-Roman, sophisticated, luxurious

Art Styles

Dadaanti-art, absurd, anarchic, nonsensical, ironic, satire, provocative, surreal, experimental, fragmented
Surrealismdream-like, absurd, fantastical, bizarre, illogical, uncanny, subconscious, complex, irrational, allegorical
Pop Artmass culture, commercial, irony, kitsch, bold, graphic, vibrant, consumerism, flat, iconic
Cubismfragmented, geometric, abstract, multi-perspective, distorted, deconstructed, analytical, non-representational, cuboid, overlapping
Futurismdynamic, modern, technological, speed, urban, industrial, violent, fragmented, progressive, kinetic
Realismlifelike, naturalistic, detailed, unembellished, everyday, observational, precise, objective, faithful, mundane
Hyperrealismphotorealistic, meticulous, super-detailed, high-definition, texture-rich, illusionistic, lifelike, immersive, exacting, vivid
Constructivismgeometric, abstract, industrial, minimal, functional, propaganda, modern, revolutionary, bold, architectural
Pointillismdots, color theory, light, optical, detailed, impressionistic, small strokes, intricate, mosaic, luminous
Suprematismgeometric, abstract, non-objective, simplicity, primary colors, shape-focused, pure, minimalist, spiritual, conceptual
Abstract Expressionismspontaneous, emotional, gestural, non-representational, bold, textured, large-scale, dripping, action, free-form
Naïve Artchildlike, simplistic, self-taught, colorful, innocent, unrefined, direct, unpretentious, honest, unsophisticated
Symbolismmetaphorical, mystical, subjective, emotional, allegorical, dream-like, abstract, ethereal, spiritual, non-literal
De Stijlgeometric, primary colors, abstract, minimal, orthogonal, non-representational, functional, balanced, grid-based, asymmetric
Kinetic Artmoving, dynamic, time-based, mechanical, interactive, optical, motorized, mobile, rhythmic, sculptural
Op Artoptical, geometric, illusion, movement, contrast, hypnotic, abstract, vibrant, rhythmic, patterned
Outsider Artself-taught, unconventional, raw, spontaneous, naïve, individualistic, non-academic, unrefined, imaginative, unfiltered
Photorealismlifelike, detailed, exact, high-resolution, photographic, meticulous, illusionistic, realistic, naturalistic, observational
Body Artephemeral, corporeal, performance, self-expression, taboo, ritualistic, interactive, human canvas, intimate, transformational
Land Artnatural, environmental, outdoor, site-specific, ephemeral, organic, earthy, sculptural, immersive, landscape-based

Commercial & Entertainment Styles

Pixel Artdigital, retro, blocky, 8-bit, colorful, simplistic, nostalgic, grid-based, low-res, iconic
Concept Artillustrative, pre-visualization, imaginative, detailed, fictional, sketchy, cinematic, storyboard, stylized, world-building
Chibicute, exaggerated, small, disproportionate, big-eyed, anime, childish, simplistic, cartoony, playful
Art Nouveau Posterflowing, ornate, advertisement, flat colors, curvy, decorative, elegant, commercial, elongated, graphic
Cell-Shadedflat colors, comic-like, 3D, illustrative, vibrant, outlined, bold, cartoonish, graphic, simplified
Manga & AnimeJapanese, exaggerated, stylized, emotional, dynamic, expressive, high-contrast, detailed, bold, linear
Cartoonexaggerated, humorous, simple, caricatured, playful, vibrant, child-friendly, bold, animated, entertaining
Matte Paintingphotorealistic, cinematic, backdrop, digital, composite, detailed, expansive, scenic, illusionary, layered
Graphic Novelsequential, narrative, framed, illustrative, inky, dramatic, expressive, detailed, stylized, emotive
Storyboardpre-visualization, cinematic, narrative, sketchy, sequential, rough, annotated, layout, action-oriented, framing
3D Modelingdigital, realistic, polygonal, textured, sculpted, rendered, shaded, volumetric, interactive, dimensional
Motion Graphicsanimated, dynamic, time-based, digital, fluid, kinetic, visual effects, textured, layered, synchronized
Vaporwaveretro, digital, nostalgic, surreal, psychedelic, glitchy, pastel, ironic, lo-fi, consumerist
Glitch Artdistorted, digital, error, chaotic, fragmented, disordered, colorful, abstract, disruptive, unpredictable
Fantasy Artimaginative, mythical, detailed, otherworldly, epic, magical, surreal, fantastical, ornate, heroic
Sci-Fi Artfuturistic, technological, imaginative, space-age, dystopian, extraterrestrial, cybernetic, advanced, speculative, otherworldly
Game Artinteractive, immersive, digital, textured, dynamic, 3D, 2D, pixelated, layered, real-time
Character Designconceptual, original, expressive, stylized, unique, imaginative, exaggerated, personality-driven, detailed, archetypal
Webtoondigital, scrolling, episodic, web-based, colorful, mobile-friendly, serial, linear, expressive, modern
Infographicsinformative, data-driven, graphical, simplified, layout, color-coded, hierarchical, digestible, analytical, organized

Medium Styles

Brushstrokestextured, painterly, expressive, organic, fluid, gestural, layered, tactile, emotive, hand-drawn
Flat Designminimalist, clean, 2D, geometric, modern, colorful, simplistic, user-friendly, unadorned, streamlined
Material Designlayered, shadow, tactile, responsive, grid-based, consistent, modern, clean, hierarchical, interactive
Skeuomorphismrealistic, textured, imitative, 3D, detailed, lifelike, decorative, familiar, analog, representational
Low-Polygeometric, faceted, simplistic, 3D, abstract, minimalist, modern, polygonal, stylized, flat-shaded
Vector Artscalable, graphic, clean, geometric, layered, digital, linear, colorful, outlined, crisp
Typography Arttext-based, legible, stylized, contrast, kerning, layout, font-focused, negative space, aligned, readable
Wireframeschematic, blueprint, skeletal, structural, layout, monochrome, grid-based, utilitarian, minimalist, planning
Isometric Design3D, angled, geometric, perspective, grid-based, layered, dimensional, cubic, symmetric, architectural
Duotonetwo-color, contrast, bold, monochromatic, striking, graphic, simple, filtered, modern, saturated
Bokehblurry, soft focus, light effects, atmospheric, depth of field, ethereal, orbs, dreamy, luminous, diffuse
Watercolortranslucent, wet, fluid, blended, organic, hand-painted, textured, delicate, airy, pigmented
Voxel Artblocky, 3D, pixel-like, grid-based, cubic, digital, colorful, retro, geometric, chunky
Paper Cut-Outlayered, textured, 3D, handmade, shadowed, tactile, organic, depth, playful, crafty
Glitchdistorted, corrupted, digital, chaotic, fragmented, disordered, error, colorful, static, noise
Photomontagecomposite, layered, cut-and-paste, juxtaposed, collage, mixed media, manipulated, surreal, assembled, fragmented
Retronostalgic, vintage, old-school, aged, textured, muted colors, classic, analog, weathered, historical
UI/UX Designinteractive, user-centered, intuitive, responsive, navigable, ergonomic, accessible, clean, functional, streamlined
Fractal Artmathematical, patterned, self-similar, intricate, abstract, psychedelic, complex, computer-generated, infinite, zoomable
Parallax Scrollingdepth, interactive, 3D effect, layered, dynamic, engaging, responsive, multi-plane, movement, storytelling

Lighting Styles

Natural Lightambient, organic, uncontrolled, outdoor, varying, soft, authentic, daylight, seasonal, random
Softbox Lightingdiffused, soft, controlled, studio, even, flattering, minimal shadows, directional, consistent, indoor
Backlightingsilhouette, dramatic, contrasting, rim light, ethereal, isolating, focused, glowing, shadow-forward, outlined
Fill Lightsupplementary, balancing, reducing shadows, diffused, supportive, neutral, background, indirect, ambient, soft
Hard Lightingstrong shadows, high contrast, defined, dramatic, unfiltered, direct, sharp, stark, sculptural, theatrical
Low Key Lightingmoody, high contrast, dark tones, selective illumination, chiaroscuro, dramatic, deep shadows, atmospheric, spotlight, mysterious
High Key Lightingbright, minimal shadows, light tones, even, cheerful, neutral background, reduced contrast, airy, optimistic, simplistic
Side Lightingdimensional, textured, depth, dramatic, revealing, sculptural, elongated shadows, expressive, lateral, focused
Overhead Lightingtop-down, harsh, sculptural, high contrast, dramatic, isolated, spotlight, focused, flat, interrogating
Rembrandt Lightingclassic, portrait, triangle of light, controlled, studio, flattering, single-source, directional, artful, iconic
Butterfly Lightingglamour, beauty, frontal, soft shadows, symmetrical, studio, flattering, feminine, above-camera, minimized lines
Split Lightinghalf-lit, half-shadow, dramatic, portrait, tension, studio, moody, contrasted, isolating, exaggerated
Flash Photographymomentary, bright, direct, spontaneous, high-speed, overpowering, intense, harsh, mobile, on-camera
Strobe Lightingintermittent, pulsing, rhythmic, dynamic, impactful, attention-grabbing, variable, intense, theatrical, flickering
Flood Lightingexpansive, bright, uniform, area coverage, intense, outdoor, flat, architectural, large-scale, wide-angle
Spot Lightingfocused, narrow, directional, isolating, highlight, centered, controlled, beam, dramatic, intense
Candlelightwarm, intimate, flickering, soft, romantic, atmospheric, low-light, vintage, naturalistic, glowing
Neon Lightingvibrant, colored, glowing, nightlife, electric, tube-shaped, urban, saturated, retro, artificial
Ambient Lightinggeneral, mood-setting, indirect, diffused, background, unobtrusive, even, soft, relaxed, encompassing
Task Lightingfunctional, focused, localized, bright, adjustable, direct, practical, workspace, concentrated, efficient
Accent Lightinghighlighting, decorative, focused, architectural, feature-driven, supplemental, dramatic, selective, small-scale, illuminating
Silhouette Lightingbacklight, dark foreground, outline, dramatic, contrast, mood, shadow-forward, defined shape, theatrical, mysterious
Gobo Lightingpatterned, textured, theatrical, design, shadow play, projected, dynamic, shaped, decorative, storytelling
Rim Lightingoutlining, backlight, edge glow, defined, halo, contouring, highlighting, contrasting, isolating, dramatic
Bounce Lightingreflected, diffused, soft, natural, indirect, fill, controlled, toned-down, less harsh, ambient
Ring Lightcircular, flattering, even, frontal, soft shadows, beauty, portrait, fashion, vlogging, halo effect
Moonlightcool, natural, night, soft, atmospheric, outdoor, romantic, ethereal, blue-toned, tranquil
Clamshell Lightingbeauty, even, soft, flattering, fill + key light, reduced shadows, frontal, fashion, portrait, studio
Cross Lightingdimensional, dual-source, textured, dramatic, enhanced detail, contrasting shadows, balanced, contouring, layered, sophisticated
Fresnel Lightingfocusable, controlled, sharp edges, hard/soft light, directional, stage, cinematic, adjustable, spotlight, historic

Compositional Styles

Rule of Thirdsbalanced, grid-based, proportional, focal points, dynamic, eye-guiding, classic, harmonious, natural, offset
Symmetrybalanced, mirror-image, centered, harmonious, calm, orderly, geometric, formal, bilateral, equidistant
Asymmetrydynamic, unbalanced, tension, eye-movement, contrast, varied, off-center, unpredictable, complex, informal
Leading Linesdirectional, eye-guiding, perspective, dynamic, structured, geometric, converging, vanishing point, continuous, elongated
Framingcontained, boundary, focus, natural, layered, depth, contextual, spotlight, enclosed, emphasized
Negative Spaceminimalist, uncluttered, emphasis, contrast, open, airy, isolating, relief, complementary, unoccupied
Juxtapositioncontrast, adjacent, tension, comparison, relational, opposing, comparative, coexisting, interaction, balance
Centered Compositionfocal, direct, balanced, static, attention-grabbing, straightforward, isolated, dominant, harmonious, spotlight
Diagonalsdynamic, active, tension, movement, unbalanced, eye-guiding, angular, energetic, diagonal lines, unstable
Golden Ratiospiral, natural, balanced, aesthetically pleasing, harmonious, divine proportion, Fibonacci sequence, organic, flowing, eye-guiding
Triangular Compositionstable, three-point, structured, balance, geometric, interconnected, unity, directional, strong, pyramid
Depth of Fieldfocal, blurred background, isolating, attention-grabbing, layered, perspective, three-dimensional, foreground/background, selective focus, bokeh
Minimalismuncluttered, simple, clean, open, reduced, straightforward, essential, flat, geometric, focused
Montagecomposite, sequential, layered, fragmented, time-lapse, storytelling, episodic, juxtaposed, collage, cinematic
Isolationsingular, focus, unaccompanied, minimalist, spotlight, uncluttered, emphasized, lonely, detached, unobstructed
Vignetteframed, darkened corners, spotlight, nostalgic, center-focused, atmospheric, soft border, gradation, visual interest, vintage
Pattern & Repetitionuniform, structured, predictable, eye-catching, rhythmic, geometric, tessellation, wallpaper, grid, consistent
High Angleoverlooking, diminishing, submissive, distanced, overview, bird’s-eye, detached, smallness, elevated, comprehensive
Low Angleempowering, towering, dominant, monumental, upward, larger-than-life, heroic, intimidating, accentuated, aggrandized
Tilted (Dutch) Angledisorienting, dynamic, unstable, tension, dramatic, skewed, unsettling, emotional, exaggerated, slanted
Close-Upintimate, detailed, singular focus, revealing, magnified, emotional, isolating, textured, immediate, intrusive
Panoramicwide, expansive, elongated, landscape, sweeping, encompassing, scenic, broad, horizontal, stretched
Aerial Viewbird's-eye, overview, comprehensive, expansive, elevated, detached, distanced, top-down, mapping, totalizing
Grid Compositionstructured, segmented, modular, uniform, geometric, linear, organized, systematic, boxy, intersecting
Parallaxlayered, depth, dynamic, moving background, 3D effect, interactive, scrolling, offset, foreground/background, dimensional
Abstractnon-representational, formless, shape-focused, color-focused, unidentifiable, conceptual, enigmatic, patterned, fragmented, symbolic
Cubistfragmented, geometric, multi-perspective, abstract, shattered, non-linear, complex, reassembled, overlapping, angular
Long Exposuretime-lapse, blurred motion, streaks, ghostly, ethereal, dreamlike, fluid, smooth, atmospheric, surreal
Split Screendual, parallel, contrasting, comparative, simultaneous, divided, narrative, juxtaposed, multi-view, segmented
Fish-Eyedistorted, spherical, wide-angle, panoramic, exaggerated, curved, encompassing, immersive, bulging, altered perspective

Architectural Styles

Classicalsymmetrical, proportionate, columns, pediments, friezes, Greco-Roman, historical, balanced, monumental, ornate
Gothicpointed arches, ribbed vaults, flying buttresses, vertical, ornate, intricate, ecclesiastical, dark, mystical, grand
Baroquegrandiose, opulent, curved forms, twisted columns, complex shapes, dramatic, emotional, intricate, ornate, extravagant
Renaissanceproportionate, symmetrical, classical elements, arches, domes, Greco-Roman influence, balanced, humanistic, refined, orderly
Romanesquerounded arches, thick walls, large towers, robust, simple, geometric, heavy, fortress-like, ornate capitals, rustic
Modernismfunction-over-form, minimal, unadorned, open plan, geometric, industrial, modular, clean lines, glass and steel, rational
Brutalismraw concrete, heavy, geometric, fortress-like, monolithic, utilitarian, unadorned, angular, monumental, exposed structure
Art Decogeometric, ornate, decorative, streamlined, lavish, angular, vibrant, theatrical, symmetrical, extravagant
Colonialsymmetrical, pitched roof, brick or wood, historical, dormers, multi-pane windows, decorative entrance, balanced, traditional, domestic
Victoriandecorative, ornate, asymmetrical, eclectic, vibrant colors, detailed, intricate, whimsical, lavish, patterned
Craftsmanfunctional, handcrafted, woodwork, simple forms, natural materials, horizontal lines, earthy colors, inviting, comfortable, unpretentious
Tudorasymmetrical, timber framing, steeply pitched roofs, medieval, multi-pane windows, cozy, rustic, complex gables, historic
Cape Codsymmetrical, steep roof, dormers, simple, shingle-sided, domestic, cozy, unadorned, New England origin, functional
Prairie Stylehorizontal lines, flat or hipped roofs, open floor plans, natural materials, geometric, expansive, organic, integrated, low-lying
Mediterraneantile roofs, stucco walls, arches, warm colors, ornate, courtyards, balconies, relaxed, indoor-outdoor flow, rustic
Bauhausminimal, geometric, functional, unornamented, industrial materials, rational, open floor plans, streamlined, modern, innovative
Futuristdynamic, flowing lines, irregular shapes, technological, modern materials, innovative, space-age, fragmented, asymmetrical, kinetic
Deconstructivismfragmented, chaotic, distorted, complex, non-rectilinear, disjoined, unpredictable, abstract, sculptural, unconventional
Postmoderneclectic, irony, complexity, contradiction, ornament, historical reference, playful, pastiche, exaggerated, decorative
Byzantinedomes, mosaics, centralized, ornate, gold, complex geometry, religious, eastern influence, elaborate, monumental
Japaneseminimal, functional, natural materials, harmony, simplicity, open floor plan, fluidity, balanced, Zen, indoor-outdoor flow
Islamicgeometric patterns, calligraphy, domes, minarets, courtyards, arches, intricate, spiritual, symmetrical, ornate
Organicflowing lines, natural forms, integrated, fluid, dynamic, non-linear, nature-inspired, curvilinear, holistic, context-sensitive
Neoclassicalsymmetrical, proportionate, columns, pediments, friezes, restrained, grandeur, idealized, historical, monumental
Minimalistsimple, unadorned, geometric, clean lines, open spaces, neutral colors, functional, uncluttered, purity, serene
Beaux-Artsornate, elaborate, symmetrical, classical elements, grand stairways, lavish, monumental, decorative, sculptural, opulent
High-techsleek, futuristic, glass and steel, transparent, innovative, industrial, modular, technological, machine-like, flexible
Expressionistemotional, distorted, dynamic, organic forms, symbolic, abstract, non-geometric, artistic, dramatic, visionary
Shingle Styleshingle siding, asymmetrical, informal, open floor plan, horizontal lines, varied geometry, rustic, unadorned, seaside, American
Colonial Revivalsymmetrical, historical, brick or wood, multi-pane windows, decorative entrance, nostalgic, restrained, traditional, domestic

Fashion Styles

Bohemianrelaxed, flowing, patterns, vintage, layered, artistic, worldly, eclectic
Vintageretro, nostalgic, classic, timeless, antique, heirloom, aged, period-specific
Minimalistsimple, neutral colors, unadorned, clean lines, functional, uncluttered, basic
Streetwearurban, edgy, trendy, graphic, casual, oversized, athletic, youthful, versatile
Gothicdark, mysterious, intricate, lace, corsets, edgy, dramatic, romantic, subversive
Preppyclean-cut, classic, collegiate, tailored, conservative, polished, layers, country club
Business Casualsemi-formal, tailored, conservative, smart, versatile, neat, put-together, functional
Athleisureathletic, casual, comfortable, trendy, sporty, stretchy, functional, versatile
Grungedistressed, loose, casual, layered, raw, rebellious, alternative, edgy
Punkrebellious, edgy, DIY, graphic, spikes, bold, anti-establishment, provocative
Hipsternon-mainstream, retro, ironic, indie, vintage, alternative, eclectic, countercultural
Glamextravagant, sparkly, bold, dramatic, luxurious, showy, theatrical, sexy
Rockeredgy, leather, studs, distressed, bold, rebellious, dark, moto-inspired
Country/Westerndenim, boots, plaid, rural, rugged, casual, functional, American, outdoorsy
Formal/Eleganttailored, luxurious, refined, sophisticated, classy, timeless, exquisite, polished
Casual Chiccasual, polished, stylish, comfortable, trendy, laid-back, versatile, effortless
Safariutilitarian, khaki, earth tones, rugged, functional, adventure, pockets, breathable
Mod60s, bold, geometric, tailored, colorful, youthful, mini-skirts, retro
HarajukuJapanese, kawaii, colorful, layered, eclectic, bold, playful, youthful, fantasy
Nauticalmaritime, navy, stripes, tailored, classic, clean, preppy, breezy, coastal
Kawaiicute, Japanese, pastel, childlike, playful, whimsical, fantasy, youthful
Pin-upretro, 50s, feminine, sensual, bold, glamorous, curvy, kitschy, alluring
Avant-Gardeexperimental, artistic, unconventional, innovative, dramatic, unique, boundary-pushing
Militarystructured, khaki, functional, authoritative, utilitarian, uniform, pockets
Romanticfeminine, floral, flowing, soft, intricate, lace, dreamy, whimsical, delicate
Cyberpunkfuturistic, dystopian, edgy, metallic, dark, tech-inspired, rebellious, neon
Ethical/Sustainableeco-friendly, organic, recycled, transparent, ethical, responsible, green, slow fashion
Normcoreunpretentious, basic, unbranded, neutral, minimal, ordinary, comfortable, unassuming
Resorttropical, relaxed, beachy, vacation, casual, breezy, vibrant, luxurious, getaway
Androgynousgender-neutral, versatile, tailored, minimalist, balanced, unisex, streamlined, adaptable

Typography Styles

Serifclassic, readable, formal, print, authoritative, traditional, bookish, elegant
Sans Serifmodern, clean, web-friendly, minimal, versatile, geometric, straightforward, contemporary
Slab Serifbold, impactful, modern, strong, attention-grabbing, robust, versatile, blocky
Scriptelegant, handwritten, flowing, cursive, decorative, fancy, ornate, flourish
Handwrittencasual, personalized, informal, playful, organic, relatable, friendly, quirky
Monospacetechnical, computer code, uniform width, plain, retro, mechanical, utilitarian, programmer-friendly
Blacklettermedieval, gothic, ornate, dramatic, historic, decorative, complex, archaic
Displaylarge size, headline, decorative, eye-catching, artistic, expressive, unique, bold
Brushpainted, textured, casual, dynamic, emotional, informal, artistic, energetic
Old Styleclassic, readable, Renaissance, moderate contrast, elegant, formal, bookish, refined
Modernhigh contrast, geometric, elegant, fashion-forward, stylish, sleek, high-impact, trendy
Stencilindustrial, military, utilitarian, fragmented, bold, masculine, impactful, straightforward
Grungedistressed, textured, rough, gritty, edgy, rebellious, raw, worn, irregular
Graffitiurban, rebellious, expressive, spray-paint, dynamic, energetic, youthful, street
Inlineoutlined, decorative, open, airy, light, sophisticated, modern, layered
Art Decogeometric, retro, ornate, vintage, stylish, extravagant, symmetrical, theatrical
Art Nouveauorganic, flowing, intricate, elegant, naturalistic, elaborate, curvilinear, ornate
Futuristicmodern, sleek, high-tech, streamlined, geometric, digital, cutting-edge, sci-fi
Westerncowboy, vintage, woodcut, rugged, historic, Americana, rustic, sturdy
Cartoonplayful, childlike, bold, fun, whimsical, rounded, comical, animated, entertaining
Grotesquesans-serif, simple, functional, clean, minimal, neutral, straightforward, classic
Psychedelicdistorted, colorful, retro, trippy, wavy, bold, surreal, experimental, vibrant
Retro/Vintagenostalgic, old-fashioned, classic, textured, decorative, period-specific, antique, weathered
3Ddimensional, shadowed, depth, realistic, eye-catching, modern, bold, dynamic
Pixeldigital, retro, low-res, video game, blocky, technical, simplistic, grid-based
Typewritervintage, mechanical, monospace, retro, nostalgic, informal, utilitarian, authentic
Variablecustomizable, adaptive, flexible, scalable, modern, dynamic, responsive, versatile
Geometricsimple, clean, modern, minimal, circular, mathematical, uniform, balanced
Texturedtactile, worn, weathered, organic, rustic, distressed, natural, gritty
Noveltyunconventional, unique, thematic, specialized, entertaining, playful, quirky, eye-catching

Art Mediums

Oil Paintingtraditional, textured, layered, vibrant, slow-drying, classical, luminous
Acrylic Paintingversatile, quick-drying, bright, modern, layered, plastic-based, durable
Watercolortranslucent, delicate, fluid, organic, expressive, spontaneous, light
Charcoalmonochrome, textured, smudgy, expressive, bold, dramatic, raw
Pencil Drawingfine lines, detailed, monochrome, precise, subtle, delicate, sketchy
Ink Drawingbold lines, high contrast, graphic, versatile, intricate, controlled
Pastelvibrant, textured, powdery, blended, soft, immediate, expressive
Digital Paintingversatile, digital, layered, modern, pixel-based, quick, undoable
Sculpture (Clay)three-dimensional, tactile, malleable, organic, classical, textured
Sculpture (Metal)durable, industrial, modern, shiny, rigid, permanent, heavy
Sculpture (Wood)natural, organic, textured, earthy, carved, classical, warm
Mixed Mediaeclectic, textured, experimental, modern, versatile, collage, layered
Collagecut-and-paste, layered, mixed materials, eclectic, juxtaposed, deconstructed
Printmaking (Etching)engraved, traditional, detailed, intaglio, fine lines, repeatable
Printmaking (Silkscreen)graphic, bold, colorful, modern, mass-produced, layered, stencil
Textile Artwoven, stitched, fabric-based, tactile, soft, patterned, cultural
Glassblowingtranslucent, delicate, colorful, fluid, fragile, luminous, crafted
Graffitiurban, street, aerosol, bold, illegal, political, colorful, expressive
Photography (Analog)film-based, nostalgic, organic, chemical, vintage, tactile, grainy
Photography (Digital)pixel-based, modern, versatile, quick, high-resolution, clean, immediate
Video Artmoving images, time-based, digital, experimental, immersive, audiovisual
Virtual Realityinteractive, immersive, digital, 3D, sensory, experiential, modern
Ceramicsfired, glazed, fragile, ancient, utilitarian, decorative, sculpted
Paper Artfolded, cut, layered, delicate, intricate, textured, origami, papercut
Installationsite-specific, immersive, large-scale, experiential, conceptual, space-based
Performance Artlive, experiential, time-based, conceptual, interactive, physical
Pixel Artdigital, retro, blocky, grid-based, nostalgic, 8-bit, simplistic
Mosaictessellated, fragmented, colorful, ancient, decorative, intricate
Found Objectrecycled, assemblage, readymade, conceptual, everyday, repurposed
Sound Artauditory, experimental, time-based, sensory, abstract, immersive
Conceptual Artidea-based, non-material, abstract, intellectual, challenging, unorthodox


Related AdjectivesFacial Descriptions
Joyecstatic, jubilant, elated, thrilled, radiant, delightedWide smile, sparkling eyes, lifted eyebrows
Sorrowmournful, anguished, forlorn, melancholic, woefulDowncast eyes, frowning, teary
Angerirate, furious, livid, incensed, outraged, fumingNarrowed eyes, clenched jaw, flushed face
Fearterrified, anxious, petrified, scared, alarmedWide eyes, raised eyebrows, open mouth
Disgustrepulsed, nauseated, revolted, loathing, appalledWrinkled nose, closed eyes, turned-away face
Surpriseastonished, amazed, startled, flabbergasted, astoundedWide eyes, raised eyebrows, open mouth
Contemptscornful, disdainful, derisive, sneering, aloofRaised lip corner, squinted eyes
Loveaffectionate, enamored, passionate, tender, adoringSoft eyes, relaxed smile, blushing
Confusionbewildered, perplexed, puzzled, baffled, disorientedFurrowed brows, squinting eyes, tilted head
Curiosityintrigued, interested, inquisitive, eager, keenLeaning forward, raised eyebrows, bright eyes
Boredomdisinterested, unenthused, apathetic, listless, dullGlazed eyes, slack face, resting chin on hand
Excitementexhilarated, animated, hyped, stoked, thrilledWide eyes, open mouth, rapid movement
Gratitudethankful, appreciative, grateful, touched, indebtedWarm smile, teary eyes, open posture
Frustrationexasperated, irritated, annoyed, aggravated, vexedTensed jaw, furrowed brows, sighing
Determinationresolute, unwavering, steadfast, focused, committedNarrowed eyes, clenched fists, set jaw
Guiltremorseful, regretful, contrite, penitent, ashamedAvoiding eye contact, slouched posture
Reliefsoothed, reassured, comforted, relaxed, unburdenedDeep breath, relaxed face, softened eyes
Envyjealous, covetous, resentful, begrudging, desirousNarrowed eyes, clenched jaw, critical gaze
Hopeoptimistic, sanguine, positive, aspiring, buoyantUplifted eyes, slight smile, relaxed brows
Pitycompassionate, sympathetic, empathetic, tenderFurrowed brows, soft eyes, slightly open mouth
Suspicionskeptical, distrustful, doubtful, wary, uncertainNarrowed eyes, pursed lips, cocked eyebrow
Lonelinessisolated, forlorn, desolate, abandoned, despondentDowncast eyes, drooping shoulders, empty gaze
Elationoverjoyed, ecstatic, euphoric, exultant, rapturousBeaming smile, dancing, clapping hands
Humilitymodest, unassuming, humble, meek, reservedDowncast eyes, lowered head, muted smile
Pridehaughty, arrogant, conceited, egotistical, self-satisfiedPuffed chest, lifted chin, beaming smile
Awewonder-struck, amazed, reverent, astonished, impressedOpen mouth, wide eyes, lifted brows
Indifferenceapathetic, uninterested, detached, dispassionateFlat expression, glazed eyes, neutral mouth
Resignationdefeated, submissive, acquiescent, compliantDrooping shoulders, sigh, flat mouth
Embarrassmentself-conscious, flustered, awkward, abashed, chagrinedBlushing, avoiding eye contact, stammering
Anticipationeager, expectant, excited, anxious, hopefulLeaning forward, wide eyes, tapping feet
Melancholyblue, dejected, downcast, somber, dismalSlow movements, downcast eyes, frowning
Cynicismskeptical, sarcastic, disbelieving, caustic, jadedRolling eyes, smirking, raised eyebrows
Serenitycalm, tranquil, peaceful, composed, placidRelaxed face, closed eyes, deep breathing
Annoyanceirritated, vexed, agitated, bothered, displeasedRolling eyes, frowning, crossed arms
Couragebrave, bold, fearless, valorous, audaciousSteady gaze, squared shoulders, clenched fists
Hesitationunsure, indecisive, tentative, wavering, vacillatingScratching head, looking away, stammering
Satisfactioncontent, pleased, gratified, fulfilled, happyRelaxed smile, sigh of relief, closed eyes
Eagernesskeen, enthusiastic, zealous, ardent, ferventForward leaning, bright eyes, quick nodding
Apathyindifferent, dispassionate, unemotional, detachedFlat expression, shrug, lack of eye contact
Insecuritynervous, anxious, timid, unsure, self-doubtingFidgeting, avoiding eye contact, trembling
Empathyunderstanding, compassionate, sensitive, caringNodding, eye contact, open posture

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